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Lowering barriers to entry for digital preservation – A Q&A from the cloud

April 26, 2012

The cloud has driven down the cost of ownership of IT systems enabling smaller organisations the ability to access services that were previously only available to the global 1000. Can the cloud do the same for digital preservation?

Tessella’s head of digital archiving Mark Evans explored these issues at  PASIG 2012 which took place in January in Austin TX.  In his talk: “A proof of concept cloud based solution” (Slides and Video .  A thank you to Don Post for Video Production).

Mark shares the lessons learnt:

  • From the Library of Congress funded project to explore multi-tenancy digital archiving solution to provide cost-effective enhanced online access to legislative materials in digital form –
  • Implementations costs and technical details of providing preservation as a service using Amazon web services
  • What questions you should ask when considering a cloud based solution for your archiving needs.

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