Further reading on digital preservation

Digital Archiving Maturity Model

Organisations are realising that it is business critical to archive digital information for several years. Ensuring archived information can be accessed when the need arises is key, as is creating value from assets that are archived.
The term “Digital Archive” is however used to cover many different types of solution for this problem. This paper provides a way of categorising these different approaches to enable organisations to understand the differences
and to select the best solution for them. [Find out more]

Content Management and Archiving

Organisations are increasingly creating integrated systems to manage their live content as it is authored, approved, disseminated and deleted. They are
also realising the need to retain information for long periods. How do you meet these requirements and create a whole life information management
approach that provides information access whenever it is needed? [ Find out more ].

Tessella archiving and preservation research

Digital preservation is an emerging discipline that allows information stored today to be read and understood in the distant future. As well as providing archiving solutions, Tessella is at the forefront of researching methods to allow this information to be available when required many years from now. [ Read More ]

Digital Archiving: The Key Challenges

Across modern society, records are increasingly being created in digital form. This represents a paradigm shift away from preserving traditional records which presents a new set of issues and challenges to your organization. Digital archiving is a relatively new discipline and it is often difficult to know where to start when considering a solution. [ Read More ]

Digital Archiving: Tessella’s offerings and experience

Tessella, the world leader in Digital Archiving technology, has a range of
services that can help organizations exploit digital archiving to the full.
This enables organizations to benefit from the knowledge management,
compliance confirmation and risk control offered by this growing and
business critical field. [ Read More ]

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